Construction And Installation

We deliver turnkey solutions in engineering construction. Our engineering and construction management team have mastered the ability to install various types of process equipment for oil and gas industry. We offer fully integrated services for construction and installation including fabrication, process piping installation, assembling, handling, erection, pipeline service maintenance and repair of all industrial mechanical process equipment requirements.

Engineering Design

Nagos Projects Limited handles engineering design assignment such as flow station design, tank farm and compressor station design. Our team of qualified and experienced design professionals will ensure your design jobs are delivered in time, within budget and in conformance with all relevant codes and standards.



All requirements of Nagos Projects Limited for our operation are met by our Contracts & Procurement department. The requirements covers the procurement of local and imported goods and services in the following areas:

  1. Installation and upgrade of both onshore and offshore production facilities and platforms
  2. Process facilities
  3. Mechanical installation/maintenance
  4. Electrical installation/maintenance
  5. Minor metal fabrication and surface storage tank works
  6. Manpower provision and management.
  7. The requirements of other categories may also be met by NPL Contracts & Procurement department from time to time, as and when required, against specific request.


We believe in a quality-focused process for delivery of projects. This process focuses on verifying and documenting all commissioned systems and ensures that assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet client's project requirements. We ensure an all-inclusive quality assurance based process working with project teams and documenting the planning, delivery and verification while managing risk to function performed in, or by facilities using design review and in-field or on-site verification.



Nagos Projects Limited has gradually become a household name in Nigeria. Our personnel have successfully achieved record breaking production through optimum production maintenance techniques that have made our clients entrust us with the Operations and Maintenance of OML-30 asset comprising 9 Flow Stations over 200 wells and network of pipelines.
Our expertise in this area include Well, Reservoir, & Facility Management to include but not limited to Production routine and extended well testing, MER, EOR among others. Planned well interventions that ensures well optimal production at all times leaving room for little or no unplanned deferment.
Our experience and dedicated operations crew are sourced from quality local hands sustaining our equipment safely, efficiently and in operable condition with optimum equipment uptime through sustenance of first line maintenance, which has given us recognition with the Nigerian Content Development Board.


The Maintenance department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and operations of rotating and static equipment employing the use of proven maintenance management tools such as: - Condition Based Maintenance, Property Maintenance and at times Cleaning & Maintenance. We also have a robust planning section that ensures all activities are properly planned and executed when required.

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